Support RenewRI and Help Reform RI!

Because the status quo is not an option.

RenewRI is a non-profit 501(c)(4) organization that needs your support. We need to raise funds to be able to carry out our mission of educating and encouraging Rhode Islanders to vote YES on Question 3 on November 4th.

To reach out to voters, RenewRI has to participate in the election process with paid advertising and other outreach efforts. Otherwise, RI voters may only hear from the other side, which not only supports the status quo but also may employ misleading advertising that will try to scare voters about a constitutional convention.

Your financial support can help balance the debate and provide a healthy, democratic counterweight. A constitutional convention is an authorized mechanism, included in the RI State Constitution, which voters have the chance to convene only once every 10 years. If you don’t think the status quo in RI is working, holding a constitutional convention can help change the status quo by
improving how our government operates.

All funds taken in by RenewRI will be spent on advertising/outreach efforts and the costs of administering our effort. No member of RenewRI is taking a salary or being compensated for his/her work in this effort. All expenses relating to political advertising by RenewRI will be filed with the RI Board of Elections, as required by RI law.

In addition to online donations RenewRI accepts personal checks. Make your check payable to RenewRI and mail ℅ 50 Kennedy Plaza, Suite 1500, Providence, RI 02903.

Give as much as you can. Give whatever you can. Thank you for your support of RenewRI!


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